Benefits & Pitfalls of a Startup Partnership [1 of 3]

Entrepreneurs across the globe are people trying to achieve their dreams while daily facing destructive market forces. These startup heroes all must make...

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Don’t fly your startup blind, a partnership will increase your field of vision [2 of 3]

Neither staff, board members, nor consultants have sufficient incentive, expertise, or capability to walk alongside you and see the pitfalls lurking in your...

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Keys to make your partnership thrive [3 of 3]

When Jayme and I decided to start Decipher, 100% of the counsel we received predicted grave outcomes of our partnership. Absolutely no one...

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Edwin Wong, SVP of Research and Insights at Buzzfeed: My Highlights and Takeaways

Today I had the privilege of interviewing Edwin Wong from Buzzfeed. We chatted about how his research background at Yahoo and Pinterest informs...

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Leadership & the Future of MR: Insights from Melanie Courtright, EVP ResearchNow SSI

Market Research is struggling to find a product-market fit given the way technology rapidly changes the industry landscape. My recent interview with Melanie...

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